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I have virtualbox 4.1 on a ubuntu 12.04 host. On my host I have a virtual interface eth0:1 configurend as I have a few virtual machines using bridged adapters, configured in the net which I can reach (ping, ssh, ...) from my host via the virtual interface.

Now I installed an ubuntu server 12.04 in a virtual box, again using bridged adapter, but I can not reach that host. The strange thing is I can reach my host from my guest, e.g. ssh from guest to host works well. So I am sure the virtual cable is pluged. But my host does not even know about the mac of that virtual machine:

~$ arp
Address                  HWtype  HWaddress           Flags Mask            Iface
butterbier                       (incomplete)                              eth0
debian                   ether   08:00:27:b7:c0:8a   C                     eth0

The machine called "debian" has the same "hardware" setup in virtualbox as "butterbier", but "butterbier" is not reachable. The only difference in "hardware" is the container. For "butterbier" I chose VMDK (as I am planning to import into Vmware later), whearas the other machines use VDI.

I also tried to set the mac manually in /etc/ethers, but no success.

What might be the cause? What can I do?

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