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Because I had forget the root password from MySQL, I have try to unistall MySQL and delete /data/ folder. When I had install again MySQL, it ask me for current root passowrd. I use the (GUI) Installer for Windows. So how can I delete the root username;

I had also try this solution, but it doesn't work. I think its something about the first install. I am afraid that I made two services, but I searches from them and had found only one and has been deleted from the unistall.

Am not I wannabe db admin or something. I just want to use SAM Broadcaster and support team had say to try MySQL. So I Just want install mysql for SAM Broadcaster.

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Instead of reinstalling mysql, you can easily reset root password. Check this manual for more info:

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Thanks for you time. I have already do what say this link, in fact only the Windows part. It seem that change the password, but it doesn't. Its possible something like that I have to mysql services or installs, and I change the pass from one and not in another? How can see if my thought is correct? – iJohnnyCash Aug 2 '12 at 20:12

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