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I have enabled lighttpd mod_status as /server-status. When I go to the URL, I get the status page. I am interested in monitoring connections -- most specifically KeepAlive connections to make sure KeepAlive is working correctly.

The problem is I only see the full connection info for the /server-status request itself. All other requests do not have the URI or hist columns filled in:

X.X.X.X 0/0 0/4673 handle-req 0 /server-status (/server-status)

This makes it difficult to know which URL was last handled by a particular connection. Is there something special that I need to do to show this information(URI) in /server-status?

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This wasn't possible before lighttpd 1.4.24 (see bug entry) - before then, the relevant fields in the connection structure were being reset after each request.

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