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i've got two web apps. One was developed using Django 1.0 and the other using Django 1.4. How can I run both apps in the same apache2 server using two versions of django? Somebody told me something about virtualenv ... I'm using mod_wsgi.


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You should definitely go with virtualenv.

This is how you can check if you already have virtualenv installed:

$ virtualenv --version

If you don't have virtualenv installed, you can install it like this:

$ pip install virtualenv

If that gives you an error, you probably don't have pip yet. You can install it using:

$ easy_install pip

Once virtualenv is installed you can create separated virtual Python environments, one per Django installation, like this:

$ virtualenv env

I recommend running this command in the project folder of each app. If you do so, you get a folder called 'env' which will contain the virtual Python environment. Every time you want to start working with the virtual environment you can issue this command:

$ source env/bin/activate

Your prompt should indicate that you are running the environment by looking something like this:


You can leave the virtualenv by typing:

(env)$ deactivate

If you have come this far you can start installing environment-specific versions of Python packages like this (in an activated environment):

(env)$ pip install Django==1.0

This will install Django version 1.0 inside the current virtual environment. You can see if it worked by issuing:

(env)$ pip freeze

This should result in something like:


You can now deactivate this environment, activate the other environment, and install Django 1.4 like this:

(env)$ pip install Django==1.4

Hope this helps!

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Amending to this, in your WSGIDaemonProcess line, you add a python-path=/path/to/virtualenv/lib/python2.x/site-packages to make this work with mod_wsgi too. – vdboor Sep 13 '12 at 12:48

Have you read any of the available documentation, including:

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