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In can see in the log of my router/firewall that a lot of connections with source port 3478 and destination port 51164 are blocked.

Those connections are from Akamai and they fill my logs very quickly.

Should I allow those connecitons or deny them?

If I have to allow them, can I safely allow port 3478 udp from any ip ?

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As far as what is it:

Could be a couple of things. Normally that protocol/port is for STUN (and also a few games use it).

Aside from that, there is an Akamai download client that uses it, whole discussion on that here. The Akamai FAQ on 'NetSession Interface' is here. It's used by Adobe and several anti-virus vendors for updates.

On should you allow it from all IPs:

Probably not. Unless you're doing something that would require it, it's usually better to button down ports you aren't using or specifically allow IPs you want - unless the whole point is to broadly let everybody in, as in a webserver type of scenario.

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