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I have a job that's perfectly normal:

> start c4-ha-policy ; stop c4-ha-policy
c4-ha-policy (start) waiting
c4-ha-policy (start) starting
c4-ha-policy (start) pre-start, process 1731
c4-ha-policy (start) spawned, process 1828
c4-ha-policy (start) post-start, process 1829
    main process 1828
c4-ha-policy (start) running, process 1828
c4-ha-policy (stop) running, process 1828
c4-ha-policy (stop) pre-stop, process 1956
    main process 1828
c4-ha-policy (stop) stopping, process 1828
c4-ha-policy (stop) killed, process 1828
c4-ha-policy (stop) post-stop, process 2023
c4-ha-policy (stop) waiting

now if I copy it and start that, it fails:

> mv c4-ha-policy test1
> start test1 
start: Unknown job: test1

If I move it back it works. It's like init didn't re-read the directory. How do I make it?

initctl --version
initctl (upstart 0.3.8)
Copyright (C) 2007 Canonical Ltd.


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What directory are you in? – DerfK Aug 3 '12 at 20:32

All jobs must end in '.conf'. See init(5). Are you sure c4-ha-policy isn't actually /etc/init/c4-ha-policy.conf?

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Try this, its likely the problem. – cacois Aug 8 '12 at 15:09

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