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Im trying to setup a test env with hyper-v.

I have: Parent: WinServer 2008 R2 (With ONE physical NIC). The Parent is connected to a router. Guest 1: Win7. Guest 2: WinServer 2008 R2.

Guest 1 seems ok, it can reach Internet. Guest 2 has Unindentified network and of course cannot reach Internet.


Parent: Local area connection: Checked Microsoft virtual network switch protocol. Checked Internet protocol version 4 (If unchecked, cannot rdp to this machine) with obtain IP address automatically and same for DNS.

Interesting thing: The status and connectivity of this local area connection is constantly changing. It goes from Status: Enabled Connectivity: [Nothing]


Status: [Domain name] Connectivity: No internet access

It changes like 15-20 times / minute

In hyper-v manager I have set an External virtual network pointing at my NIC. "Allow management...." is checked. So, in network connections there is a Local Area Connection 3 with settings: Everything is checked except the switch protocol. with obtain IP address automatically and same for DNS. IPv4 Connectivity: Internet

I read a lot of tips that I should go to Network List Manager Policies and set location type to Private. I have done that and restarted, but still no go. And the local area connection in guest2 has an autoconfigurated ip address and I have not set a gateway.

Any ideas?


No it's up and running without me doing anything. In Network connection details I see date and time for Lease obtained. That happened approx. one hour after my original post. What is the delay about? If my settings are ok, how do I speed things up?

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