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I used AutoSPInstaller to install my farm, I then installed PowerPivot 2012 and configured with the following script:

# Open PowerShell library from: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\110\Tools\PowerPivotTools\ConfigurationTool\Resources\ConfigurePowerPivot.ps1
Add-SPSolution -LiteralPath 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\110\Tools\PowerPivotTools\ConfigurationTool\Resources\PowerPivotFarm.wsp'
Add-SPSolution -LiteralPath 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\110\Tools\PowerPivotTools\ConfigurationTool\Resources\PowerPivotWebApp.wsp'
Install-SPFeature -path PowerPivot
Install-SPFeature -path PowerPivotAdmin
Install-SPFeature -path PowerPivotSite
SetEngineServiceCredentials 'mydomain\SQL_PowerPivot' $password_PowerPivot; New-PowerPivotEngineServiceInstance -Provision:$true
New-PowerPivotSystemServiceInstance -Provision:$true
New-PowerPivotServiceApplication -ServiceApplicationName 'Default PowerPivot Service Application' -DatabaseServerName 'sharepoint' -DatabaseName 'SPA_DefaultPowerPivotServiceApplicationDB' -AddToDefaultProxyGroup:$true;Set-PowerPivotSystemService -WorkbookUpgradeOnDataRefresh:$False -Confirm:$false
DeployWebAppSolution 'http://intranet.mydom.local/' 2047
EnableSiteFeatures 'http://intranet.mydom.local' $true
CreateUnattendedAccountForDataRefresh 'http://intranet.mydom.local' 'PowerPivotUnattendedAccount' 'PowerPivot Unattended Account for Data Refresh' 'mydomain\SP_PowerPivotRefresh' $password_PowerPivotRefresh 
AddMSOLAP5AsECSTrustedProvider 'Excel Services Application'

I then logged into the Central Administration and went to the PowerPivot console where I received a wonderfully descriptive message 'Excel : An error has occured'.

I found this to be due to the application pool under which the Excel service runs did not have owner rights on the AdminContent database, providing db_owner rights to AdminContent database fixed this.

Ahtough I no longer get the Excel error pop up when entering the PowerPivot dashboard, I get no data and can see the status Last successful refresh run: The cube has not been processed!.

The same occurs even if I manually start the timed jobs, no dice.

I am following the PowerPivot install guide here

Advice appreciated otherwise it will be time to get on the phone to Microsoft and pay for their support.

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