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Webserver with Nginx 1.1.19 and PHP 5 FPM work great with serving PHP and showing output of mysql data.

I want to embed nagios in my application and so I needed .cgi scripts for the first time on this server. This didn't work. Then I made a simple echo hello world .cgi script and I still get 'Access Denied'.

I gave the file and all the folders above it Executive permissions (chmod +x)

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Nginx does not currently support classic cgi. It does support fastcgi, though.

Most solutions involve using a wrapper script of some kind to make a cgi script into a fcgi script.

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Thanks, it was not really mentioned in the guides of converting Nagios from Apache2 to Nginx. I just followed this guide:… And it works flawless! – Jona Koudijs Aug 6 '12 at 10:25

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