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We have two linux samba servers authenticating against LDAP that have been working fine for some time. Recently I added a new user to LDAP. He can log in fine to one server, but the other reports an "invalid SID" id (passdb/passdb.c:lookup_global_sam_name(596)).

His SID follows the same pattern as everyone elses, and it works on the other server. What could be going on here?

  • working server is Fedora 8, Samba Version 3.0.33-0.fc8
  • problem server is CentOS 5.3, Version 3.0.33-3.7.el5
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I'm not sure why this only affected the one person, but I was able to fix it:

  1. run net getlocalsid on the working server
  2. in LDAP, set the sambaSID of the sambaDomain object for the misbehaving server to the value above
  3. restart samba on the naughty server

Now all users can connect to both servers.

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