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Hi I am trying to upgrade Edition on SQL server 2008 on Windows Server 2008 and while the Setup it checks all the system requirements and When in the end i click Upgrade It gives me error that

service cannot be started , Login failed- Message id-50000


I recently changed the my account password on the server , Could that be a issue but I tried changing back to old password and re-run setup but didnt help.

Even create new account and re-run but nothing, all my services like Agent and browsers are running fine.


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I would say go to SQL Server Configuration Manager and check SQL Server Services. Establish which account is running which service and ensure that all the passwords are correct. Finally, if you will stack you can always run all these services as local system account, which is a bad practice, but at list it should allow you to run and upgrade your database. Also, make sure that you did select the right database instance if you have more than a default one.

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