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I have installed XCP (Xen Cloud Platform) 1.1 on my machine and installed XEN Centre (version 6.0) on my windows xp

i created VM and its running just like in XEN server Free,but its not allowing to take snapshot,template etc its showing "requires xen 5.5 or later".

Also its not allowing to use VM Protection policies showing requires XEN 6 or later.

I installed XCP based on the comparison described here but i am not getting features mentioned there..Should i use any other tool for making this thing to work..??

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This helps solve the problem

1.enable snapshots in XenCenter

echo "5.6.100" > /etc/xensource/xapi_version_override

/etc/init.d/xapi restart

On each Linux guest with xe-guest-utilities (Xen Tools) installed:

sed -i /usr/sbin/xe-update-guest-attrs -e 's/MajorVersion" "1"/MajorVersion" "5"/'

sed -i /usr/sbin/xe-update-guest-attrs -e 's/MinorVersion" "1"/MinorVersion" "6"/'

sed -i /usr/sbin/xe-update-guest-attrs -e 's/MicroVersion" "0"/MicroVersion" "100"/'

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Please can you edit including a summary, we don't just link to other site here in case the link dies. – Chopper3 Aug 7 '12 at 15:30

This may sound kind of stupid but...what version of Xen Center are you running, is it under 5.5...?

Make sure your on XenServer 6.

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i am using XCP 1.1 and using xen centre 6.0. with xen sever 6.0 i was able to take snapshot and create templates.. but with this that is also not possible.What am i missing?? – Kevin Parker Aug 7 '12 at 7:09

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