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I have a Windows 2000 Server set up with RAID 5. I initially defined 2 136 GB logical disks 0 and 1. I have a small utility partition on disk 0 along with the C drive. I wish to extend the C drive to use disk 1 as well, which is now configured to drive D. I deleted drive D, but it is still in disk 1. I download partdisk.exe from MS, but am not sure how to accomplish what I want to do. I know I need to use extend, but I think I need to remove disk 1 and somehow add the unallocated space to disk zero, but am not at all confident on how to do it.

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I found it very difficult to manage the disks in Windows XP / Server with the built in tool: Disk Management. I think you have to use a third party product / tool to do you job without loosing data. Check out this tutorial with some freeware: (only for Servers)

For home PC:

An comparison for partition tools:

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Sorry marc_s. I saw the categories and thought that it was fine. What is the diskspace and hardware categories for? Are they for like driver coding? – user999684 Feb 21 '12 at 18:16

Im not sure, is this will work under Win 2000 Server. Run this from command line or "start->run". This is easier than command line tools.


What kind of controller is this? Maybe you can use software from Adaptec, Dell or other manufacturer.

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You seems want to extend disk o partition with the unallocated space of disk 1, however you have not configured RAID configuration. And your disk 0 contains system partition. So that is a little diffecult. To extend system partition with the space of another disk is not realistic. In you situation you have to prepara a bigger disk and replace the system disk, you could choose migrate OS tool: migrate os to another bigger hard drive

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Did you config the disk as hardware raid 5? However, from your description, it seems like you did not use the hardware raid 5. First raid5 need at least 3 disks, (there just two in your description, disk0 and disk 1) Second if you set raid 5 successfully, it will list as one disk in disk management (not two).

Therefore, you need to make sure your raid 5 is config in a right way. If you only have two disks I suggest you'd better set it as raid 0. BTW, if you want to resize partition on windows server OS, you could try Partition Assistant Lite which is a free partition software for Windows Server OS. Here is an article about how to resize partition on SERVER OS. Hope it could help you

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