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I have 5 Cisco 1200 Access point. 1 of them is running as WDS and 4 AP is using it.

I am using Default Radio Channel: Least Congested Frequency.

On the AP running WDS, I can see all 5 APs are registered by:

show wlccp wds ap

The problem is, in room1 my laptop (Dell laptop running Windows 7) connects to AP1, then I walk to room2, it does not roam to AP2. Same for room3's AP3. It connects to AP3 if the signal from AP1 is lost.

Is there anything I can do to configure the APs to roam?

Thanks in advance.

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Get a controller such as a 2504 with 5 licenses. Controllers make it very easy to roam quickly between APs.

Have you enabled CCKM on the APs?

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I tried enabling CCKM on the APs. But my dell laptop (Dell Wireless 1505 WLAN Mini-Card) can not connect to the SSID anymore. Some background info: 5 APs are running same SSID with same VLAN to a switch. Users are authenticated against Windows NPS (RADIUS) server. – jack Aug 8 '12 at 16:51

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