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I have a bunch of CSV files in a directory like:

modfinalak_1.csv modfinalal_1.csv modfinalal_2.csv modfinalal_3.csv modfinalar_1.csv modfinalar_2.csv

so it's one or multiple files per each US state (AK, AL, AR, etc.). How can I use cat to combine all the files for each state and then rename the file to the state name?

In the above example, I want modfinal_1.csv,modfinalal_2.csv,and modfinalal_3.csv to be combined and renamed to al.csv. How do you get cat to do this based on the text before the '_' character?

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Something like this would do it in bash (list all the state abbreviations in the list between in and ;):

 for s in ak al ar ; do cat *${s}_*.csv > $s.csv ; done

If you have the state abbreviations in a file states.txt, the line could look like this:

 for s in `cat states.txt` ; do cat *${s}_*.csv > $s.csv ; done
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