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I'm trying to get Nginx to run some Regex's on requests and send them to another server block, returning the response headers from the second server block. At the moment I get a 302 response status, how do I get the headers from the second server block?

So as an example, I would like a request like: http://nginxrouting.local/some/stuff/that/needs/to/be/removed/itemid=1234/more/stuff/topicid=1234 to be sent to http://nginxrouting_destination.local/itemid=1234topicid=1234 returning the headers from the new location

The server blocks look like this:

server {
  server_name nginxrouting.local;
  root /var/nginxrouting/public;

  location / {

    if ($request_uri ~* ".*(itemid=[0-9]*){1}.*") {
      set $itemid $1;
    if ($request_uri ~* ".*(topicid=[0-9]*){1}.*") {
      set $topicid $1;
    if ($request_uri ~* ".*(&type=RESOURCES){1}.*") {
      set $resources $1;

    rewrite ^ http://nginxrouting_destination.local/$itemid$topicid$resources? redirect;
    add_header itemid $itemid;



server {
  server_name nginxrouting_destination.local;
  root var/nginxrouting/public_destination;
  location / {
    add_header working yes;
    return 200;
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You should use proxy_pass configuration directive (more info here), rewrite is not suitable for this.

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