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When I quit psql after setting up a new role, psql now complains on exit;

Sessions still open, not unmounting

Doing a quick google search didn't reveal anything of value in regards to this msg. What does it mean and should I do anything about it?


This is a setup on Ubuntu Server 12.04 32 with lvm encryption on file system.

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I'm virtually certain this is not a Postgres error: that string appears nowhere in the Postgres source code. What operating system are you using? (Please update your question and tags to provide more detail) – voretaq7 Aug 8 '12 at 16:20
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My guess, based on what I've gleaned from Google, is that you have an ecryptfs encrypted filesystem which tries to unmount as part of your logout scripts.
These filesystems won't unmount if a user is using them, and as noted on that bug report this behavior is by design.

You can probably ignore this message (and you can certainly ignore it from a Postgres perspective), but if it really bothers you the folks on Ask Ubuntu can probably offer more insight into why you're seeing it and how to make it go away...

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Thx again voretaq7. Was actually working the same angle once you pointed out the it didn't seem like a postgres issue. – hydroparadise Aug 8 '12 at 17:27

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