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I'd like to move all sub-folders starting with a given suffix (Blah_ in the example) into an other directory using a linux bash script. Here's what the script looks like:

mv -v -f "$srcDir$prefix*" -t $archiveDir

Though there are a lot of directories starting with 'Blah_', inside /home/me, this leads to the following error message:

mv: cannot stat `/home/me/Blah_*': No such file or directory

Now I'm curious whats wrong here. How must the above script be changed in order to move all subfolders starting with 'Blah' into the archive folder?

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Remove the quotes – Zoredache Aug 8 '12 at 21:08
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mv -v -f ${srcDir}${prefix}* -t $archiveDir

in this case if you quote, * will be interpreted literally

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Perfect! Thank you very much! – Tolaksa Aug 8 '12 at 21:33

How about:

find   /home/me   -type   d   -name   "Blah_*"   -exec   mv   -i  {}  /Archive \;
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