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I have a number of Linux virtual machines which I use for building software.

I am finding that I am having to repeat tasks on several machines such as:

  • Removing software
  • Updating software
  • Adding new tools
  • Setting up mappings to the Windows Server
  • Setting startup applications
  • Altering system wide environment variables

Is there are Linux tool for managing computer?

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I can recommend Puppet ( It's a difficult system to grasp, but can do the job.

For your needs I think it's a correct choice.

If you need to integrate Puppet with VM testing environments, have a look at 'vagrant' .

  • Other options for configuration management: Chef, CFEngine.
  • Other options for deployment/config management in Cloud Environments: Juju
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There are several configuration management software for linux: - Puppet - HP Server Automation - Chef

I ordered the list using my preferences.

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