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If I make a http:// request over port 443 on our server, Apache is sending a plaintext error page with no headers, which most implementations of the protocol will interpret as a 200/

As far as I can tell it's this bug: - which has been fixed in the trunk, but there isn't a release for it yet.

Are there any workaround for it, as it's causing me headaches - to be honest, the simple solution of dropping http-over-403 would be perfect, but I don't know how/if it can be done?

Example of what I am seeing:

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So far I've tried: -Custom error pages (shows the custom page, but still without headers) - Using mod_rewrite to look for connections on the 443 vhost but where https is off (still just displays default error page) Right now I'm struggling! – Liam Wiltshire Aug 9 '12 at 9:44

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