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How can I find all computer accounts in my Active Directory domain that have been inactive for x days using PowerShell?

Note that I do actually know how to do this. This is a self-answered question just to get the knowledge out there. If anyone else has a better way, feel free to post it!

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This would give you all computer accounts that have no activity for the last 365 Days.

Search-ADAccount -AccountInactive -ComputersOnly -TimeSpan 365.00:00:00

This would sort it for you by lastlogondate.

Search-ADAccount -AccountInactive -ComputersOnly -TimeSpan 365.00:00:00 | Sort-Object lastlogondate | Ft name,lastlogondate -auto

This would give you disabled computer accounts.

Search-ADAccount -AccountDisabled -ComputersOnly 
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Interesting! I (obviously) didn't know about that cmdlet. What attribute is measured for "AccountInactive"? lastlogondate? passwordlastset? –  MDMarra Aug 9 '12 at 14:03
I am going to have to look into to be 100% sure, but I know that lastlogondate is one of the attributes that is returned if you look at the object, passwordlastset is not. The technet article doesn't really detail which attribute it uses. –  Mike Aug 9 '12 at 14:11
Looked into it a little more and lastlogondate looks like it is just the conversion of lastlogontimestamp. There is no attribute called lastlogondate in the schema. Hope that helps. –  Mike Aug 10 '12 at 14:05

Computers change their account password every 30 days by default. If a computer hasn't changed its password in an extended period of time, it means that they are no longer connected to the network.

This PowerShell script will output 2 text files. One is for disabled computers, one is for orphaned computer account objects. You must have the Active Directory PowerShell module installed.

In this example, I exclude an "Encrypted Laptops" OU, since they're mobile laptops that are disconnected for extended periods of time. You can remove that section if you don't have a similar setup

Import-Module ActiveDirectory

$Date = [DateTime]::Today

#Sets the deadline for when computers should have last changed their password by.
$Deadline = $Date.AddDays(-365)   

#Makes the date string for file naming
$FileName = [string]$Date.month + [string]$Date.day + [string]$Date.year 

#Generates a list of computer accounts that are enabled and aren't in the Encrypted Computers OU, but haven't set their password since $Deadline
$OldList = Get-ADComputer -Filter {(PasswordLastSet -le $Deadline) -and (Enabled -eq $TRUE)} -Properties PasswordLastSet -ResultSetSize $NULL |
Where {$_.DistinguishedName -notlike "*Encrypted Laptops*"} | 
Sort-Object -property Name | FT Name,PasswordLastSet,Enabled -auto 

#Generates a list of computer accounts that are disabled and sorts by name.
$DisabledList = Get-ADComputer -Filter {(Enabled -eq $FALSE)} -Properties PasswordLastSet -ResultSetSize $null | 
Sort-Object -property Name | FT Name,PasswordLastSet,Enabled -auto

#Creates the two files, assuming they are not $NULL. If they are $NULL, the file will not be created.
if ($OldList -ne $NULL) {
    Out-File "C:\users\marra\desktop\Old$Filename.txt" -InputObject $OldList

if ($DisabledList -ne $NULL) {
    Out-File "C:\users\marra\desktop\Disabled$Filename.txt" -InputObject $DisabledList
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