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I have a cPanel VPS with multiple hosted domains. For only a couple of these domains, I would like to set up a special whitelist-only scenario. Furthermore, I need this to apply to only one user on said domains. This is the white list only scenario as I envision it:

NOTE: I am referring to RECEIVING email only. Sending of outgoing email would behave normally.

  • My user (the email recipient) has a file on the server listing email addresses for which email should be permitted to be received. I'd imagine this file would be formatted one email address per line, or similar.
  • At SMTP time, the sender's email address is evaluated against this list. If the sending email address is on the list, the email is delivered. If not, the email is rejected.
  • To be clear, I need this functionality to work on a per-user, per-domain basis on a cPanel box with multiple domains.

To my ears, it doesn't sound so difficult, but I am struggling to find the solution out there. It doesn't help that I am completely ignorant to the ways of Exim. My basic research shows that Exim ACLs may play a part. I currently have the above scenario working exactly as described on a qmail box using a version of Caskey Dickson's "wbl" perl script which I modified for my purposes.

Could any Exim folks out there educate me on how I could achieve this? Many thanks!

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