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I am about to launch a website in Windows Azure and I need to poke some holes in our network firewall in order to accommodate certain services like SMTP. I've found an MSDN page which seems relevant that describes in-place updates but I'm having trouble making sense out of it.

What are the circumstances that trigger a change of IP address for a site in Windows Azure?

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If you delete, then redeploy, a hosted service, you'll get a new IP address. The post you referred to talks about ways you can update your running hosted service, without the need for delete+redeploy (which equates to "without changing IP address" as well).

The one case I'm aware of, where you do need to delete+redeploy, is the case of reducing local storage.

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I've deleted and redeployed when the deployment failed at start up and was stuck in a infinite loop of startup-fail-recycle. Not sure if I needed to delete+redeploy in that scenario though. Thanks. – Jeff Aug 13 '12 at 14:35

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