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If I save a document using a cloud based service, am I right in thinking that my file will be stored redundantly on a few DAS servers in a local data center. When I try and access this data again, how is my query routed to the server which contains my data, so say a copy of my file is stored on server 7 and server 27. I make my request for my file and somehow this request is routed to server 7 which returns my file. Are the locations of such files stored in a database, if so wouldn't this database server be overwhelmed, causing a single bottle neck at peak times? I don't see how this would be a viable approach.

So how is this implemented in theory with services like Apple's iCloud? How is my query routed appropriately to the server which contains my data amongst the thousands of Apple servers?

Thanks, P.S. Sorry if this is stupid/unclear question.

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Cloud can many different things... in my world... cloud means "automated multi-tenancy". For some people cloud means geographic redundancy.

So in the world of file storage, it depends on the provider. Apple is probably replicating data into two or more places using some kind of incremental storage synchronization. They're also probably breaking this down into a front end, and a back end, and coming up with some clever ways to efficiently store the data.

I think the best answer I can give you, is that we here can't really authoritatively answer about what somebody else is doing. You will have to do your own research.

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