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I am new to Plesk,

  1. I create my first domain aaa.com, plesk create c:\intetpub\vhost\aaa.com\httpdocs,

  2. now i create another domain bbb.com via plesk control panel, it creates both directory :

    • c:\intetpub\vhost\aaa.com\bbb.com
    • c:\intetpub\vhost\bbb.com\httpdocs
  3. the issues here, when i access to domain bbb.com on brower, plesk redirect to display the index file in c:\intetpub\vhost\aaa.com\bbb.com .

  4. i want c:\intetpub\vhost\bbb.com\httpdocs is public directory folder for domain bbb.com

how can i do it ? i am using free trial version.

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You can do that by creating bbb.com as a new subscription / webspace. This way its docroot will be assigned into 1c:\inetpub\vhost\bbb.com\httpdocs`.

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