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I'm trying to find a way to script installing a certificate.

Going "right-click->install certificate" works, and shows the certificate under 'subordinate certification authorities' in IE's certificate view

If found the certutil.exe command,

certutil.exe -addstore -enterprise <storename>

My question is how do you list/find out the valid storenames?

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Found a site with the valid store names which are:

ca -> Specifies certificates in the Intermediate Certification Authorities store
my -> Specifies certificates issued to the current user
root -> Specifies certificates in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities store
spc -> Specifies software publisher certificates
user_created_store -> Specifies the name of a user-created certificate store
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certutil -addstore “Root” “c:\cacert.cer” for Trusted Root Certification Authorities – Kiquenet Apr 21 at 14:36
Question: command certutil -addstore “CA” “c:\cacert.cer” for Intermediate Certification Authorities in LocalMachine ? – Kiquenet Apr 21 at 14:37


  • AddressBook -> specifies "Other People" store
  • Trust -> specifies "Enterprise Trust" store
  • TrustedPublisher -> specifies "Trusted Publishers" store

by the way, "spc" is not working for me

I think the list is here:

or here

"root" and "trust" are not valid in the user context (when using -user switch)

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