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I am trying to run Shared Folders under a different domain user according to one of user's answer for my other question How do you know who or what is locking a remote file?

runas /user:domain\user fsmgmt.msc

Even though running fsmgmt.msc by itself works fine, I am not able to run it when combining with runas. (domain\user <-- I am using a valid user name)

C:\>runas /user:domain\user fsmgmt.msc
Enter the password for domain\user:
Attempting to start fsmgmt as user "domain\user" ...
RUNAS ERROR: Unable to run - fsmgmt.msc
2: The system cannot find the file specified.

Is that intentional or am I supposed to put location of fsmgmt.msc in PATH environment variable? Questions: - How was I able to run fsmgmt.msc without updating PATH? - Is it possible to runas a different user for fsmgmt.msc?

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Try running MMC instead:

runas /user:domain\user "mmc fsmgmt.msc"

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+Marked as Answer: Worked like charm – Sung May 4 '09 at 17:52

Perhaps it was not in your path...


runas /user:domain\user %systemroot%\system32\fsmgmt.msc

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It was in my env. path. And I didn't know that I could invoke a command through env. variable names... Thank you for your answer, MathewC. – Sung Jun 10 '09 at 18:12

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