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I want to automatically add a new path to the $PATH variable each time when my RPM package is installed.

I tried to use a post-installation script in the my RPM. Here is the part of RPM spec file containing this post installation script:

export PATH

But after successful installation the $PATH doesn't changed. Please help me with that issue.

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When you're adding the path in the RPM's post-script, it is only being set for the duration of the installation shell.

Within your RPM, you want to install a file under /etc/profile.d/.

# cat /etc/profile.d/

export PATH

If you're using CSH, the file should be named custom.csh.

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Just add a soft link to the bin path instead of changing an environment variable:

%install ln -s /usr/app/mdg/bin/your-program /usr/bin your-program

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