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I am running some upgrade testing on a computer with Windows SteadyState.

The workflow is "upgrade, write down results, reset to default condition".

However, I can't seem to dig up a button that says, "Reset Windows Now!", which would be handy.

Is there such a thing?


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I believe that the only way to revert back to the original system state in steady state is to reboot the computer.

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You should be able to script this with something like this (setting CurrentMode to WDP_MODE_DISCARD), but AFAIK you would then also have to reboot:

set objWbemServices = GetObject ("winmgmts:\\" & strComputer & "\root\wmi")
set setWdpObjects   = objWbemServices.ExecQuery ("SELECT * FROM WDP_Control")

for each objWdp in setWdpObjects
   objWdp.CurrentMode  = WDP_MODE_DISCARD

More info here.

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