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I have a single Exchange 2010 server that is still running SP1 RU3. I'm thinking of updating to SP2 but do I have to update all the SP1 Roll Up packs before upgrading to SP2? Or does SP2 include all of the SP1 Roll ups already?

I couldn't seem to find any definitive info on Microsoft's technet site so I'm wondering if you guys can help me out here.


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Just do SP 2 and then any post SP2 rollups ( I believe the latest is Rollup 3). All previous Rollups for SP1 are included in SP2 as per:

Issues That Are Fixed in Exchange 2010 SP2

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The Service Packs are sufficient, as they should include all the previous updates, or at least the ones that haven't been superseded. So do SP2, and then look for updates afterwards, or you'll be installing a bunch of patches that are already included in SP2. No harm in doing the rollups first, but it does take extra time and effort for no benefit.

That said, I did once have an infuriating conversation with MS tech support about a missing update and their answer to why it wasn't installed in the previous service pack was "some service packs are more all-inclusive than others." So it doesn't always hold true, but it's the general case that MS Service Packs include all previous, relevant updates.

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