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Can anyone please explain how I correct this or if I need to...

I have a Exchange Server x2 server DAG, and 1 FSW.

All seems to be working but when I first set this up I tried to make a DC a FSW, I had issues so I recreated the FSW on one of the CAS boxes.

If I run the following cmdlets I get the following:

[PS] C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\Scripts>cluster **DAG.***.local res Listing status for all available resources:

Resource Group Node Status

File Share Witness (\***dc01.***.local**.***.local) Cluster Group ****DAG 02 Online

Which shows that the DC01 is still being thought of a FSW If I look in the EMC I clearly see that the FSW is on the CAS box. If I run the following you can see: [PS] C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\Scripts>Get-databaseavailabilitygroup -Identity **DAG -Status | fl

RunspaceId : 07430ef7-6e85-4d7a-a465-8b3cd34c36b9 Name : *DAG Servers : {***DAG02, DAG01} WitnessServer : **cas01.**.local WitnessDirectory : C:\FSW_DAG

Is this an issue? as also I cannot seem to browse to the file share witness folder using the full path \server\dagname, I get an error you do not have permissions.

Many thanks

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Have you followed this document? In addition, please take a look at this.

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