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We have a bunch of Windows 7 laptops out in the field. They're not in a domain. We'd like to build a script/batch file that we can send to each machine and, when run, configure screensaver locking, timeouts, etc. I believe we'd want to do this via local security policy but am open to options.

Pushing and running the script aren't a problem -- we have an RMM tool that will handle that just fine. Just not sure what the script would look like. Any guidance?

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Those settings are stored in the registry, so that's what your script should be modifying.

Check out this link over at the Technet forums. Seems like a big pain to me, especially to dive through the registry to figure out what keys to modify, and to what values. (And, as a disclaimer, I've never tried this, so I can't verify it works... but it should.)

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Rather than trying to edit local security policies via the Registry, might I suggest looking into Microsoft's Security Compliance Manager? It is a free Solution Accelerator that lets you export, import and configure Group Policy settings. In particular, there is an included command-line tool called LocalGPO that will apply a custom Group Policy configuration on non domain-joined computers. The following Technet Magazine article has information on how to use LocalGPO:

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