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I have installed tomcat 7 and jdk 7 on my ubuntu 12.0 machine. Though it has been properly installed as when I use command it shows me on terminal the path of :


But when I run it on localhost:8080 or it shows page not found.

To avoid this I have added the proxy settings in my mozilla browser but still it shows page not found.Is there anything else remaining that I can try upon.

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Check the STDOUT output of your tomcat process. It is usually named catalina.out. You can do this quickly by running as the same user as tomcat:

less  /proc/$(pgrep -f tomcat)/fd/1

Check also if tomcat is indeed listening on port 8080:

sudo netstat -tlnp |grep java
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Try to check if there the 8080 port is free (that is not being used by another service). And then if you have set up correctly the CATALINA_HOME path.

If you have GUI on your machine you could use NetBeans with pre-installed Apache Tomcat. It's very easy to launch tomcat from NetBeans and you can easily manage whole server from there.

Link for NetBeans:


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