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This should be an easy one for some of you guys with DC and AD experience.

I am introducing a new DC running 2008R2 to replace a DC I have running 2003. I have run through all the set up and I have the new 2008R2 (DC-04) running alongside the existing 2003 domain controller (DC-03), I also have another 2003 DC (DC-02) which I am leaving alone.

Since I have this DC-04 up and running with 2008R2, I was planning on shutting down DC-03, and renaming DC-04 to DC-03 so it replaces it. After some research it seems this may cause some issues since the DC-03 name already exists in my system.

What is the best course of action here, is there a good way to clear out all references to DC-03 and then rename DC-04 to DC-03?

Or is it better to just demote DC-03, shut it down, and leave DC-04 with the name it has now? Will computers in my domain know to look to DC-04?

Any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks!

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Just create your new DC and demote the old one.

You can do either, if you're really set on having a DC with the old name, you can rename a DC, but it's more of a pain than it's worth, in my opinion. Ask yourself what function keeping the old name serves and if it's really worth the effort. In my experience, it's not.

(Oh, and since I forgot to mention it, makes sure the removal of the old DC has finished propagating through AD before you rename the new DC, if you go that route.)

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