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I am in needed of a script (. Bat) who log on to an SSH server, and perform a backup of my mysql database with the help of mysqldump.

This is to be run on a Windows computer and run three times per day.

I do not really know where I should start, but it ought to be finished examples on the net that I can use?

The requirements Log in to an ssh server Make a backup save the backup on my local machine This should be done three times per day

What software is needed? do you have any solutions I can work on?

The ultimate would have been one. Bat file somewhere on your computer that runs three times a day and do this without opening up a lot of programs.

Any help is appreciated


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what platform is the mysql database running on? – uSlackr Aug 18 '12 at 21:23
Im not sure, but i think my webhost use Ubuntu Server – Tordbob Aug 18 '12 at 21:26

Have a look at PuTTY:

Using a private SSH key (PuTTYgen), you should be able to connect to your server via SSH (PuTTYtel), run the backup and then pull the backup to your local PC (PSCP). Should be quite "automatable".

This tutorial might help – uSlackr Aug 18 '12 at 21:32
Did you forget to attach a link? ;-) – Philipp Grassl Aug 19 '12 at 1:38

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