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I have an ec2 instance running. I connect it via ssh. It looks good for me. Now my team lead asks me to set up an OpenVpn. I wonder why should I do this.

With the ssh command, I can connect to my ec2 instance and transfer the file. ssh is secure.

And creating a openvpn also going to allow me to transfer the file.

So what makes openvpn more powerful than ssh?

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What reasons do your team give for requiring a VPN ? – Iain Aug 20 '12 at 6:44
They need to be more secure. This is why I got the doubt of why not ssh can be secure? But after reading the answers, I can convince myself. – batman Aug 20 '12 at 6:46
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In this instance, the OpenVPN would be used to logically extend your LAN. This would allow your devs to connect to the web server, database, etc. as if the EC2 instance was a computer plugged into your network. The alternative is to tunnel everything through a SSH connection using port-forwarding. Each developer would have to manually set up their SSH client to do this and for each TCP port they wanted to connect to. Functionally, these two options are equivalent (and even use the same encryption technology). But a VPN is generally easier for users to use because it "just works".

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