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Hi there I am currently setting up a couple of vlan in work. Hoping that this is going to help with network traffic.

The one question that I have is how do I test the vlan when I have finished to ensure that they are working correctly.

This is being done on 3com switches

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you can try to perform a ping test from a computer in vlan A to a computer in vlan B. normally computers in seperate VLAN's can not communicate unless there is a router present that does routing between the VLANS.

In this case a traceroute should show the router.

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I have 3 vlans vlan1 the management vlan2 and vlan 3 vlan1 cant ping vlan 2 and vice versa should a computer on vlan1 the management vlan be able to ping both? – Inkey Aug 22 '12 at 9:08

Another thing you can do to test is to populate the VLANs with computers, then do tcpdump/wireshark/snoop operations on random computers to make sure they are not seeing broadcast traffic from the other VLANs.

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