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I installed the first default intsance on top of a windows cluster and all was well. I passed the validation test, and was able to connect and ping my vco name of ticcluster and ip of

I added added another instance through the sql cd, advanced prepare and configure an failover instance. That one came up in cluster mgr and passed validation.

I can ping both virtual ips for both instances and can ping by name. I can ping all machines in my cluster.

However my named instance says its started in services but when I open sql server configuration tools and then congiguration manager its tells me my named instance is stopped and i cant start it!

Of course I can rdp into both instances( connects to same ip) but only default instance will open up becuase its started, named instance wont start or open. They are both using the same domain wide sql service acct.

Not sure what to do, Please a little push in the right direction. 64 bit, sql 2008 r2, latest svc packs etc.

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What does the Application log say on the primary node when you attempt to start the named instance? –  TopHat Aug 20 '12 at 17:00
Rather than beat your head against the wall, uninstall it and try again. Probably faster/easier than figuring out the precise hangup. –  Bob Aug 20 '12 at 19:06
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