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How can you stop users from moving folders and files in a Windows 2008 share, but still allow them to create new folders, rename folders, open files and save files?

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You can't without breaking permission inheritance on the folders that you don't want moved. These are the relevant permissions:

List Folders / Read Data  
Traverse Folder / Execute File
Create Files / Write Data  
Create Folders / Append Data

The problem is that Create Folders / Append Data and Create Files / Write Data is what lets you move a folder, but it's also essential to let them make new folders and data.

Depending on your directory structure, you could give only Traverse Folder / Execute File and List Folders / Read Data on the folders that you don't want moved and them give Modify (or whatever) on the children of that folder.


Assume a directory structure like this:


If you set top_folder to: No inheritance, Traverse / List for This Folder Only, Modify for All Subfolders and Files

Then they wouldn't be able to change top_folder in any way, but they could modify anything under it.

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