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I'm storing a bunch of content in Rackspace's cloudfiles, and I need to serve that content to the client, but securely. It's not like these are super secret files, but putting them on a publicly accessible cdn would be unacceptable.

Right now I'm reading the files in my web framework and serving the contents as a response. I'd much rather return a response with an X-Accel-Redirect header.

The problem is you need an auth token that expires after 24 hours.

What are serverfault's thoughts on this?

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Have you tried using FUSE with the Cloud Files plugin? We've heard lots of success stories from this type of configuration:

I hope this helps!

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CloudFuse feels really slow. I've tried this in other projects and the browser would still just hang. – EHutch_BurgoUSA Aug 21 '12 at 20:35

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