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I'm trying to use a multipurpose certificate on an infrastucture that contains a Domino 7 server. To accomplish this, I tried:

  1. Generate a CSR outside of Domino: I'm able to use the produced certificate everywhere but not on Domino because it requires to generate a keyring and the correspondent CSR
  2. Generate the keyring and the CSR in Domino: everithing (services) work well in Domino, but I'm not able to extract the private key to use the certificate for other purposes

For the attempt 2. I found that someone used a tool named IKEYMAN from IBM; it's been quite difficult to find a download for IKEYMAN. IKEYMAN can open a Domino keyring and export it to KDB format or in a .class; I was not able to use any of the formats IKEYMAN exports to extract the private key. Someone on Lotus forums says that he did the trick, but I'm missing something: in the keyring I was not able to find any private keys.

My question is: can I extract the private key from a Domino keyring? In the case of the need to use a tool, where exactly can I find this tool?

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I haven't foun an answer... I ended up with the 'certificate copy' function provided by the CA supplier: different copies of the same certificate produced from different CSRs. I agree for the move to SF. –  Andrea Colleoni Aug 21 '12 at 19:49

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Here is the link to IBM's public Download site.. Hope it helps


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