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I know it's not supported, and won't be officially supported, but has anyone had success getting a Windows Server 2012 VM running on a vSphere 4.1 box?

Thanks for the help.

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Nope. Time to upgrade ESX. – HopelessN00b Aug 23 '12 at 20:51
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You won’t be able to install this at all. You will need to be running ESXI5 at the very minimum. But I would wait for a few weeks as EXI 5.1 has just been released. The hardware version profiles just wont support it at all, and VMware will not write a new hardware profile for it.

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I found these set of instructions:

Windows Server 2012 on ESXi 4.1

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I don't think providing a not supported solution is a good idea. Even more so if the solution would be applied to a productive environment. – hot2use Apr 6 at 11:59

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