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Does anyone know of (simple) way to use PBKDF2 or BCrypt as a password hash within Apache HTTPD.

The general scenario is that I have a resource in /private that I would like to restrict to a given group of users. Those users will have passwords stored in a database and verified using a mod_auth_dbd.

I would like to get away from using SSHA.

I can see in the Apache apr-util that there is a function apr_password_validate (which handles all the now frowned upon hash types); and in apr_crypto_openssl.c there is crypto_passphrase which is an implementation of PBKDF2.

Has anyone welded the two together? (or have I just missed something obvious somewhere in the Apache docs?)

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So after further review, it seems that everything was a lot simpler than I'd imagined.

HTTPD uses the system provided crypt function, and so leverages its modularity.

In theory it supports BCrypt directly (although I did not test it). I did test SHA-512 using the $6 prefix.

So setting a password as calculated below achieves the desired result:

salt = 'fGn9LR75';
puts 'quohjo5oor4ac3Deolei'.crypt('$6$' + salt);
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