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I tried OpenStack on my laptop, my setup is as below.

Host Machine: Windows 7
Virtualization: VirtualBox

Ubuntu12 is running on this VirtualBox, and on this Ubuntu12, I installed OpenStack Essex packages with qemu as the hypervisor, and added few uec Linux images on to glance. I was able to access the Linux images using ssh and vnc, so it was a success.

However, it has become very challenging to upload a Windows image. I've tried all possible ways, searched Google and found lot of solutions, but nothing worked. So I converted my WindowsXp.vdi file to a WindowsXp.img file using VBoxManage and added to glance, however, once I launch it I am getting the Blue Screen of Death error and Windows XP is horribly restarting.

Can anyone help me resolve this issue?

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How is "horribly restarting" different from regular restarting? Is there a bloodcurdling scream? -- In all seriousness, there's not much we can tell you here. You aren't telling us what you're doing to induce the blue screen (and if you're doing "nothing" -- i.e. it just blue screens when you literally do not perform any actions -- there's not much we can do at all). This may be a case for Microsoft or Oracle/VirtualBox support... –  voretaq7 Aug 24 '12 at 1:56
The "Blue Screen Of Death" should contain a STOP error code (and various other hexadecimal numbers). If you Google for those, you'll probably at least be able to figure out the symptom that's killing Windows. If Googling doesn't help then type these numbers carefully and accurately here and someone may be able to help. A BSOD alone, with no STOP code or other further info, is impossible to root-cause. –  user2034574 Nov 28 '13 at 14:42
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