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I have a mysql table (MyISAM), called bla. The Version is 9 (mysql4) Using a mysql5-server I did an alter table (add column, delete the same column). This is a simple trick to upgrade the table Version. As shown by mysql:

$ echo "show table status from mydb like 'bla'\G" | mysql -p | grep Version
Enter password: 
        Version: 10

Normally the unix file command gives the same result, i.e. for another "altered" table:

file bla_ok.frm
bla_ok.frm:  MySQL table definition file Version 10

But for some "altered" tables (like bla) the file command still gives Version 9 while the above mysql command gives version 10

file bla.frm:
bla.frm: MySQL table definition file Version 9

Someone has a clue?

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