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I want to direct the users to different web services with nginx configuration.

The scenario is for the internal users with host name from to I want to serve them some web service but for the other external visitor I don't want this to be realised.

I know I could use IP_TABLES to enable this feature, but I use IP_TABLE rules mainly for firewall purpose, I don't want to mix it with this configuration.

Is there any configuration available to me in the nginx.conf?

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What's your current configuration? Is it just a small subset of the resources in your site that you want to restrict? – Shane Madden Aug 24 '12 at 2:09
Yes, I want to restrict some scripts on the sites. – steveyang Aug 24 '12 at 9:23

You can use the GEO module together with a map directive:

http {
  geo $special_service {
    default 0; 1;
  server {
    if ($special_service) {
      return 302 $scheme://$server_name/special-service/;
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Create a separate location block that covers your sensitive content.

Keep in mind that configuration directives don't inherit; you'll need to include in the new block anything that's in the existing `location that's needed for your content.

location /path/to/sensitive/stuff {
    # any other config that you need goes here..
    # ...
    deny all;
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