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I am using zimbra server as our email server. Today I saw some weird emails in my inbox. The From and To address both belongs to my email address. The header of the email.

From: "

But Received address is the following.

Received: from ( [])

Is there any solution if To and From address is my own that should go to SPAM folder. I know From address could be anything and generally this could not be stopped but at-least it goes to Junk. If there is any general rule I can add to spamassasin, so if the From and To matches it should be considered as SPAM.

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If you do implement this, it will likely do more harm than good. A lot of people do this when Bcc'ing a large group of people. They put themselves in the To: field and Bcc: everyone else. You'll just end up up with a lot of false positives.

Just ensure that you've classified this and other emails like it as spam in SA and let the heuristics do their thing.

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Makes more sense Thanks! – Toqeer Aug 24 '12 at 4:49

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