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For a new business, I need to run my own SMTP server out of my home. I can't use the SMTP servers of either our web host or our ISP because of limitations they place on outgoing emails. For example, our web host limits as follows:

1000 emails per day

< 500 emails per 5 minute window

100 recipients per email

Now, I've got two iMac's running OS X Snow Leopard and I understand postfix is available. I've just converted our FIOS Internet to static IP. Does anyone know of a resource that will help me make one of my machines an SMTP server and allow me to use as the client to send the messages through the server?

Note: I've seen the following messages but they still use postfix in conjunction with a relay SMTP. How do I avoid the web host / isp SMTP server in sending emails?

Terminal mail delivery delay in Mac OS X

How to use mail or sendmail on Snow Leopard



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It's been a couple years since this question was active. @Motivus, how did it work out for you? Did you get your own outbound SMTP server running? – Doug Harris Jul 23 '13 at 16:18