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I have copied an IIS 7 site's files to a new directory, created a new site for copied files in IIS 7, set up bindings that aren't conflicting, configured the copied site to use a different database than the production site.

I can go to the login page of the copied site. The login page can authenticate me, but when it redirects me to a subdirectory, I get a 500 error from the server. I cannot figure out why I can't access these subdirectories.

Any ideas? This is driving me crazy.

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It was a classic ASP problem.

I turned failed request tracing on, and saw this:

LineNumber 24
ErrorCode ASP 0131 
Description Disallowed Parent Path

So I went to line 24 in the problem file:

<!--    #include file = "../public.asp" -->

I looked up the error code. The problem was that Parent Paths was not enabled for ASP on the site.


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Don't forget though that parent paths are considered a security vulnerability, which is why they are turned off by default now. If you have any sort of automated security assessment happening, this will be caught and reported. – MattB Jul 17 '09 at 14:10

To see the error use IE on the server, and under advanced internet options switch off Friendly HTTP Errors. This should give you a more readable ASP.Net error which you can troubleshoot further.

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