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I was wondering if there is any way to present all Postfix log in comfortable format for BI (Business Intelligence) team.

BI team works with MySQL, I tried to found how exactly can I push all logs to DB in readable format.

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If you just want readable reports about postfix logs, you can use pflogsum.

If you need to use mysql, you can store a copy of postfix logs in mysql, for example using rsyslog, then set up a web interface to look at them.

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You might be interested in mysqmail-postfix-logger. From the description this may exactly do as a BI-unit may like to see.

MySQMail is a set of tiny daemon loggers for mail and FTP servers that save traffic information in a MySQL database. The information is split by domain and by user so that it's easy to measure all the traffic for a given domain name in real time.

This package provides a logger for SMTP traffic handled by Postfix.

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